Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MINJAROES : Changing one's Mindset !

Greetings! My name is Dr.Ahmad Roslan bin Johari and I am the Rector of a GLC College here in Malaysia.

Malaysians have come a long way from being in agriculture and tin mining days to now being together with the rest of the world in developing the Information Technology and harnessing the winds of change blowing strongly in this vibrant and challenging world.

To keep up with the changes and to adopt and adept oneself with what it takes to be up there among the successful superstars of business and industry, one needs to first and foremost, develop one's own individual self to be on par if not better than the rest.

How do you do it? Just talking about it or dreaming about it , gets you nowhere. You need to evaluate your entire self.

What is your plus points and what's putting you down?

The main root cause of a person's success or failure is the mindset. What sort of a thinking comes out of that brain? Does the individual accept that he or she is not yet perfect and needs to learn, adopt and adapt him or herself with what he or she is lacking or does the individual just build up walls around his or herself and try to ignore the changes taking place all around?

MINJAROES is a concept that I have come up with and is centred on developing a person from all angles necessary that when put into practice will help the individual to change for the better and be a well informed, well trained person who will be able to tap into the advanced technological, spiritual, mental, physical and religious understandings to cope with the challenges of today and the days to come!

My friend Zainol Abideen, a Program Consultant with a major Chinese University's Hanyu Study Centre is helping me to put all my thoughts and ideas here in this blog and we plan to write a book soon to share with you everything that MINJAROES can help you develop your present personal skills and capabilities to a stage much higher than what you are at the present moment in your life.

MINJAROES is an acronym of 5 main components of this personal development concept that I have designed and authored to help my fellow Malaysians and the rest of mankind to move ahead in their own lifes!

Minda (Mindset), Jasmani (Physique), Rohani (Spiritual), Emosi (Emotions) and Sosial (Social).

'Minda' is the Malay word for the 'mindset' of a person. It is the most important aspect of a person's sense of direction and personal pursuit of ambition and desire to venture forth and succeed in any chosen profession or industry.

It is the mindset that determines your heading in life. With a proper mindset that has been trained to adopt and adept itself to the needs and wants of the current lifestyle and continuous training and learning of the necessary skills that one has to have within him or herself, the chances of achieving success is much more better than to just wander into the labyrinth of life!

'Jasmani' is the Malay word for the 'physical' aspect of one's being. Every individual needs to have a healthy, vibrant, well maintained physique in order to be able to live and work in a normal, self reliant, state of wellbeing that enables one to do anything within the needs of one's profession, career and lifestyle.

To have a healthy, well balanced , physical self , one needs to exercise regularly, eat only healthy foods and drinks and avoid all those harmful cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, and damaging substances that will destroy us in the long run. A healthy body sustains a healthy disposition in life and ensures our survival and continuance in this earthly life. A healthy mind depends on a healthy body.

We will follow up in the next posting, Insya Allah!


Anonymous Andreas said...

Welcome to the world of blogging. It is great to see a rector of a college entering the blogger world. I surely will keep reading your entries as I myself are very much engaged with the mind and changing of mindsets. So please, keep on going :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 7:33:00 PM  
Blogger mahaguru58 said...

Dear Andreas,
Thanks for the comments.Actually, the Rector has yet to start writing this blog on his own.

I am the one who has initiated him to start blogging because I feel strongly that the MINJAROES concept that he has authored needs to be exposed and shared by all who wish and want to improve themselves.

Please allow him some time to get hold of the basics of blogging and as soon as he can figure out how to start writing this blog himself and take it from here, i'll take off the 'training wheels' and let the Rector launch himself off into the blogosphere under his own engines.

Am honored to be his partner in this noble project and want him to blog on his own very soon.

On behalf of the learned Rector, this is me Mahaguru58 appreciating your comments.

Will let the world know when the Rector himself holds the steering wheel of this MINJAROES blog.

Keep in touch. Btw, have read your blog. It's good to share what you know.

Only then , will the creative juices start to flow!

Have a nice day.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006 7:55:00 PM  
Blogger Impianku said...

mindset change..that's what people have to do to improve their life..why our graduates are jobless? becoz in their mind that they get degree/diploma so that they can get job, but job security is no more in place nowadays..

i am doing business and in my business i do lead a lot of people and motivate them to be independent and change their mindset to be up to date. with new mindset...bukan makan gaji..they can reach to their full potential.

nice sharing..

Sunday, August 06, 2006 9:15:00 PM  

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